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3 Month Offer

The first 3 months of working together are usually the most involved and demanding, but when combined with real resolve, serve as an effective minimum time-frame for generating life-changing results.

Though 3 months goes by quickly, there is enough time to uncover the main challenges and to acquire needed perspectives and skills. A term of less than 3 months and it’s much more likely that one would not see a specific outcome or see the value in a coaching arrangement.

3 month terms are best suited for those guys that have some understanding around fitness and nutrition or that don’t necessarily need sweeping changes to their existing health and lifestyle. These guys need less direction and more accountability.

2 installments

$1125 x 2 =
$ 2250 $750/month


full pay

$1800 x 1 =
$ 1800 $600/month
Best Value

6 Month Offer

6 month terms allow for more of the back and forth wavering that often comes with learning new habits and dropping old ones. It also allows for more learning, more integration, and most importantly more time which often makes this a much more realistic option for achieving specific health and lifestyle outcomes.

6 month terms strike an excellent balance between the pressure of a limited time-frame, and yet allowing time to develop skills and understanding. 6 month terms are best suited for those guys that have significant work to do in order to reclaim their health and lifestyle, but that have good confidence that they could do it with the experienced support of a right hand man.

3 installments

$1250 x 3 =
$ 3750 $625/month


full pay

$3000 x 1 =
$ 3000 $500/month
Best Value

12 Month Offer

In many cases, bad habits and the ensuing health consequences have been incurred over years and years of consistent practice.

Therefore, a 12 month sustained 1-on-1 engagement isn’t remotely excessive and may in fact be the most realistic and effective approach to reaching one’s goals depending on one’s situation and experience. Because as it were, sustainable change takes perseverance, patience, and practice… it takes time and often multiple tries to lose the old and get a hold of the new.

Whereas 3 month and 6 month terms lean more towards coaching and achieving specific outcomes, the extended time frame of 12 month terms naturally entails mentorship and the long game of personal growth.

And while achieving specific outcomes will still be the number one priority, 12 month terms inherently revolve around relationship and establishing genuine connections that have the potential to endure well into the future.

12 month terms are best for:

  1. Men who put a high priority on their health, personal growth, and/or family, and that intuitively believe in the benefit of establishing relationships with those that have shared values, but that currently have some degree of greater knowledge, experience, standards, or results pertaining to some of those values.

    Shared values might include:

    • Mental and physical health
    • Taking consistent personal responsibility on behalf of ourselves and loved ones.
    • Authentic masculinity
    • Ongoing personal and spiritual growth
    • Leading family and loved ones with our best and most capable example 
    • Exploring and participating in nature/the great outdoors.
    • Serving our God and Father and all of his people with humility, love, and gratitude.

  2. Men that want to give themselves every chance to reach health or lifestyle goals that have thus far been out of reach.

  3. Fathers or men in relationships that feel like they’ve dropped the ball on their loved ones but that are now prepared to make a complete turn-around in order to reestablish the trust and respect that their children and spouses necessarily depend upon.

  4. Young men (late teens & 20s) who are interested in improving their health and lifestyle, and that could use/are interested in having a positive masculine role model in their life.

4 installments

$1500 x 4 =
$ 6000 $500/month


full pay

$4800 x 1 =
$ 4800 $400/month
Best Value

Regardless of what length of term you invest in, know that I will not hold anything back in order for you to achieve your best possible results. Helping you develop your potential and transformation are what I am most interested in, not the level of investment.

If you commit to working with me for any of the above time-frames, you will never have to second guess the quality of my returned commitment since it’s always going to be the same.

The Guarantee

The results come down to your attitude and actions – so I cannot guarantee results – too much of that is riding on you and out of my control. However, I can indeed guarantee your satisfaction with my coaching/mentoring service.

If you’re not completely satisfied with any aspect of my work or our work together during the first 30 days, you can expect a full no hassle refund if canceling our partnership is the best way forward.

If you want to cancel/want a refund thereafter, I would be willing to consider reimbursing for services not yet rendered. This however would be based on my discretion and on your testimony. Whereas neither discretion nor testimony would be necessary within 30 days after signing off on the client-coaching agreement.

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