Hey, I'm Kai.

Nothing inspires me more than health and family.

So much in fact that my life’s work revolves around them.

However, health and family haven’t always been a priority like they are now...

For a long time, I took almost as many steps back as I took ahead. Life was a party and nothing truly mattered enough to change the same party tricks I picked up in my teens and during college.

But shortly after my first son was born, I realized that he was truly counting on me and that I needed to change.

The love and gratitude I have for my own father blessed me with knowing that being a father is a big deal.

Since then I’ve cleaned up my act, started taking my health and fatherhood more seriously, and acquired some practical credentials.

Now I am eager to help other fathers that are also ready to make a change for the sake of health and family.

The Predicament of Men

Shortly after turning 40, it occurred to me that it’s not always easy being a man. There are pressures, stereotypes, and damaging social traditions that have been entrenched for generations.

What happens then is that a lot of guys struggle. Not because they’re weak but because masculine culture is challenging. Making a living and leading a family is challenging. Prioritizing in a world set up for immediate gratification is challenging. In time, these things wear a guy down. Physical and mental health take a dive while strength and courage fray away. Naturally, the lower he goes, the lower his family goes.

I’ve been that guy. I know what it’s like to feel stuck around matters of health and lifestyle… to badly want a different experience that is seemingly out of reach.

But I wasn’t willing to let my family accept a lesser fate on my behalf.

And my best guess is that neither are you.

The healthier and much more satisfying life you’re after is within grasp. You just have to want it enough. Then be willing to go all in to get it.

Challenging and meaningful goals like this warrant support.

How I Help

As men and fathers, our example speaks volumes and continues to speak for decades and generations. Your family is counting on YOU for their experience of love and safety. And that’s why virtually nothing is more important to them than your daily presentation.

Since form and function are inseparable, there is no better place to start with improving how you show up as a man than with revamping your body composition and lifestyle habits.

I am here to help you with exactly that.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), NASM certified personal trainer (CPT), and lifestyle coach, I am confident in helping you develop your knowledge, skill set, and making your goals reality.

The fact that I am a man and father is also in your favor because relatively speaking there’s very few ‘nutrition guys’ in the nutrition space. As a man questioning his diet, it could be truly beneficial to have another man’s perspective and experience.

My work revolves around:

Together, we’ll get the meaningful and lasting results you’re after.

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A Little More About Me

My family and inspiration

In 2012 I married my wife Gaby, in 2014 we welcomed our son Moss, and in 2016 our son Finn. They keep me on the straight, teach me love, and inspire me to extend it unconditionally. They are my centre and I am theirs.

In time and with growing realization, Gaby and I have become devoted to raising our boys to become men that are truly sound of body and mind – men that are healthy and real in every respect. And while this is a lofty idea, it’s also a completely realistic one.

All I can say with any certainty about the outcome is that the closer I move towards that standard myself, the greater the chance for our boys. What I’ve ultimately discovered is that nothing is more practical or rewarding than exploring and fulfilling my own potential.

My values and interests

I appreciate an integrative approach to health and medicine, the natural environment, camping, animals, small groups, friendship, extra early mornings, space and solitude, challenge, creativity, music, women, children and seniors, being a father, being a man, Eastern Traditions, and the Holy Trinity.

My past work and current approach

I have worked as a laboratory technician for 20 years in viral diagnostics and in related research, surveillance, and quality control.

Despite this analytical background, I don’t usually get carried away in details – including scientific facts and scores. My focus tends to be on the roughly 20% of info and effort that is responsible for 80% of effect. This approach simplifies life, it provides for wiggle room, and it provides for results.

Above all, I believe that as far as a human being’s innate value is concerned, no one has more and no one has less, no one is on top and no one is below. Only roles and games have a hierarchy, people do not.

“We were together. I forget the rest” – Walt Whitman

Your future is bright.

Work with me and let’s change your story.

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